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For SEO and content marketing strategies to succeed, content teams must consistently produce high-quality copy and optimize existing content. By hiring content writers in the Philippines, you can sustainably build and maintain your content pipeline.

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Complete projects with the support of a dedicated remote team. Work with skilled professionals who can adapt to your organization’s dynamic SEO and content marketing strategies.

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Reduce operational costs

Working with marketing agencies can be costly and may impact business growth potential. Building a remote content team through Toki Hire gives you access to skilled professionals while staying within budget.

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Boost your team's productivity

By building a remote team to support ongoing SEO and content marketing campaigns, you can allocate your time toward exploring new ways to grow your business.

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Scale your SEO and content marketing efforts with high-quality content that converts by hiring a remote content writer.

Build a remote team of talented content writers in the Philippines to boost your content production and drive your SEO and marketing programs forward.

Partner with Toki Hire to connect with skilled remote content writers experienced in working with US-based brands.


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What skills does a remote content writer in the Philippines have?

Depending on their specialization and experience, content writers in the Philippines have experience in the following and more:

  • Keyword research
  • Content research
  • Content planning
  • Content optimization
  • Short and long form content writing
What is the monthly rate for a content writer in the Philippines?

We charge a monthly fee for a content writer, which varies slightly based on their years of experience and skillset. Once we understand your specific requirements, we can provide an exact quote.

How does Toki Hire select candidates for remote content writer roles? 

Before we present candidates for your final interview, each applicant undergoes a meticulous screening and interview process. Those who successfully navigate the final interview have passed through our meticulous vetting system, including:

  • Resume screening
  • Interview with recruiter
  • Skills test
  • Reference checks
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