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Supercharge your design projects and leverage design expertise through the talent of remote creatives.

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Find remote graphic design talent with Toki Hire

Accomplish more design tasks and hit deadlines faster with the support your team needs. Our remote graphic designers in the Philippines  are skilled in creating assets for brand and marketing campaigns across multiple channels:

Paid ads

Print design

Social media

Web banners

Email campaigns

reliable talent

Hire an extension of your team

Work with remote designers that naturally become a part of your team. They work exclusively for your brand and adapt to your organization's demand for fresh, creative design output.

cost savings

Eliminate expensive design agency services

Working with creative agencies may strain your budget and extend project timelines. Hiring graphic designers through Toki Hire gives you access to qualified talent without exhausting your budget.

increased output

Boost your design team's productivity

Get the support your design team needs. Move your projects from initiation to completion faster and more efficiently by hiring a remote designer in the Philippines.

Build a team of graphic designers in the Philippines

When design requests pile up and your budget is tight, consider adding offshore graphic designers to your in-house team. Hire remote talent experienced in working with US-based design teams.

Our designers possess comprehensive skill set, making them great additions to your in-house design team.

Let Toki Hire help you find skilled and dependable graphic designers in the Philippines to meet your growing design needs.


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Am I able to select the specific remote designer I want to hire for my team?

Yes, you will be part of the selection process to ensure that the offshore designer chosen is the best fit for the role.

How can I communicate with my remote designer in the Philippines?

You can communicate with your offshore designer through Slack, Teams, or any preferred communication channel.

How can I ensure quality and consistency in my remote designer’s work?

We highly recommend regularly meeting with your offshore designer and utilizing project management tools to track their work. Our team can also work with you to ensure quality output and deadlines are met.

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